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Of all of the strategies in “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff in Love,” the book this blog is based on, this week’s strategy is perhaps my favorite. This strategy has been tremendously useful for me, and I remind myself of it when I find myself stressing about the little things. It’s a strategy that is as simple as it is useful: think of your top three pet peeves about your partner, then choose to let them go.

Pet peeves are “the small stuff” by definition. It stands to reason, then, that letting go of a few of your pet peeves will lead to less stressing about the small stuff and more peace in your relationship. Letting go of the top three ensures that you will get the most change for your choice. After you have chosen to let go of a pet peeve, you will still notice when your former pet peeve appears, but you will be able to recognize that it is a small thing that you have decided not to let bother you.

Today’s post is a short one, because this strategy really is that simple, and it can shift your mentality and your relationship greatly toward the positive. That’s my kind of strategy! It’s pretty easy, too, once you’ve made the decision to let go of the pet peeves, but if you want more detailed information on how to let go of the pet peeves (along with a list of 50 common relationship pet peeves), check out this earlier post: Letting Go of Pet Peeves.